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Protip- Don’t try to set up a Mac Mini server with a Bluetooth Keyboard

As part of a project I’m working on, I wanted to set up a build server for our iPhone projects.
Should be simple enough- I picked up a new Mac Mini Server, grabbed a mouse and bluetooth Keyboard and went into the office to set it up.

The problem is that Apple isn’t used to requiring Serial Numbers, and hasn’t thought it through.

When you first boot the machine it brings you to a cute window asking you to enter a Serial Number.. Without giving you a way to pair your bluetooth Keyboard.

I tried opening up help and manually copy-pasting in the letters in the serial (Seen below), but I was foiled when I ran into a letter not in the help pages.


I tried selecting a term in help and trying “Search in Google”, but they were smart enough to block that.

After far too much searching, I found a solution on the Apple Discussion pages-

It relies on an “exploit” in the OS X setup program, but it works.

* Right click on the blank serial key box, and scroll down to the “Substitutions” sub menu.
* Click “Show Substitutions”
* Click on “Text Preferences”

This will bring up the Top-menu bar.

* From here, you can go to the Apple menu, choose System Preferences
* Now, go to the Keyboard section, and choose “Setup Bluetooth Keyboard”

There is no Step 12.