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By day, Colin works manages servers developing fun and new applications. By night, he makes the world a more fun place through various side projects.

In his past life, Colin worked at Adelphic, The Society of Grownups,Savingstar, Jingle Networks (1800-Free411) Avid (The movie people), Irrational Games (Bioshock), and DarkenedSky (Chron X).

I’m putting up a blog to share some comments and ideas with friends of mine, rather than continuing to email quite so often.
I’d love to answer any questions I can. Feel free to send an email to

Colin Davis


I do not speak for any current or former employer, or company. I don’t even speak for myself half the time. This blog is assembled by randomly mashing keys with my face. Any semblance to coherent thoughts is entirely coincidental.
-Colin Davis

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